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With the 144 order being enforced everywhere and the timing of shops that caters to our essential needs getting more and more restricted, Our People are frequently showing up in Markets, Meat Shops, and Pharmacies in large numbers. As these large crowds make it difficult to follow social distancing in an efficient way, We’re definitely facing the grave danger of Social Spread.

What We Are Going To Do About It…?

Always Wishing You a Good & Healthy Life – We at Namkalam – With the above problems in Our concern, Came up with Our New Service, By Which You can get all the Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and Medicines at your doorstep, Delivered by Namkalami.

How to Avail this Service…?

Make a Call or Whatsapp to Our Number – 7550369092.

Place an Order of all the Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and the Medicines that You Need, Or You can select a Package that we have already prepared for you. Meat includes Mutton, Fish, and Chicken (Both Free Range and Broiler Available). And Through Our Service, You will get all you have ordered, By the very next day on or before 1 pm.

Don’t Forget – Door Delivery – On or Before 1 PM – NEXT DAY.

There is also a facility provided UNDER EMERGENCY NEEDS, MEDICINES WILL BE DELIVERED ON THE SAME DAY of placing your order.

Who Can Avail the Service…?

Our Service is Currently Available Only for Areas and Persons within the Salem City Range. And Not For Other Areas of Salem District. To Know, If We Can Serve You, Contact Us on 7550369092.

Price & Modes of Payment

For Prices, Visit Our Website at . We Accept Multiple modes of Digital Payments. And Of Course, Cash on Delivery is Accepted for Our Service.

If You are Someone, Whom We Can Serve, Please Make Use of Our Service. And Make Sure You Stay Safe in Home. For More Information and Queries, Please Contact Us on 7550369092.

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